Mays Antoine El-Dairi

Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology
Campus mail: Box 3802 Med Ctr, Durham, NC 27710
Phone: (919) 684-3957

1. Pediatric and adult optic neuropathies
2. Optic nerve imaging (mainly optical coherence tomography)
3. Idiopathic intracranial hypertension
4. Optic neuritis

Education and Training

  • American University of Beirut (Lebannon), M.D. 2001


Orbito-Masticatory Syndrome.

We describe 2 unique cases of visual symptoms occurring during mastication in patients with lateral orbital wall defects.

Endodermal Cyst of the Third Nerve in a Child.

Endodermal cysts, also known as neurogenic, neuroenteric, foregut, bronchogenic, respiratory, epithelial, teratomatous, or gastrocytoma cysts, can be found in the central nervous system, predominantly in the subarachnoid space of the cervical and