Spring Vision Quest 2017

The Duke Eye Center Spring Vision Quest is designed to update ophthalmic technicians on the latest advancements in the medical and surgical ophthalmology.

May 20, 2017

7 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

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Ophthalmology Clinical Research: From Bench to Bedside

Kim Riley, Ph.D.
Victoria Germann, MHS, COT, CCRP

Anterior Uveitis vs. Posterior Uveitis: Diagnoses and Treatments

Gargi Vora, MD
Glenn Jaffe, MD
Clinical Research Photography in Ophthalmology
Brian J. Lutman, CRA
Ryan Imperio, CRA

Tech to Tech Tips Panel

Robin L. Clinedinst, COA
Kelly Ann Payne, COT
Tina Robbins, COA
Janice Roberts, COA
Barbee Schiffelbein, COT
Jennifer Struck, COT
Katherine Williams-Austin, COA

The Complete Oculoplastics Exam

Nicole Langelier, MD

Occupational Therapy for Ophthalmology

Fay Tripp, OT

Hands On in Low Vision Lab (Optional)

Fay Tripp, OT