Amal Al-Lozi, MD

Education & Training

Undergraduate: Washington University, St. Louis, 2012

Medical School: University of Missouri School of Medicine, 2018

Internship: SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital, 2019



Research Interests

  • Clinical research in gene therapy
  • Corneal neurotization.

Associated Labs, Publications, & Achievements


  • Hoekel J, A Narayanan A, Rutlin J, Lugar H, Al-Lozi A, Hershey T, Tychsen L. Visual pathway function and structure in Wolfram syndrome:
    patient age, variation and progression. BMJ Open Ophthalmol. 2018 Jan 18;3(1):e000081
  •  Al-Lozi A, SS Nielsen, T Hershey, A Birke, H Checkoway, SR Criswell, B Racette. Cognitive Control Dysfunction in Workers Exposed to Manganese-Containing Welding Fume. American
    Journal of Industrial Medicine. 2017 Feb; 60(2): 181-188.
  • Eisenstein SA, AN Bischoff, DM Gredysa, JA Antenor-Dorsey, JM Koller, A Al-Lozi, MY Pepino, S Klein, JS Perlmutter, SM Moerlein, KJ Black, T Hershey. Emotional Eating Phenotype is Associated with Central Dopamine D2 Receptor Binding Independent of Body Mass Index. Scientific Reports. 2015 Jun; 12(5): 11283. 
  • Bischoff AN, AM Reiersen, A Buttlaire, A Al-Lozi, T Doty, BA Marshall, T Hershey; Washington University Wolfram Syndrome Research Group. Selective cognitive and psychiatric
    manifestations in Wolfram Syndrome. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases. 2015 May; 10(1): 66. 
  • Hoekel H, AC Smith, A Al-Lozi, T Hershey, L Tyschen, Washington University Wolfram Study Group. Ophthalmologic correlates of disease severity in children and adolescents with Wolfram
    syndrome. Journal of American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus. 2014 Oct; 18(5): 461-465e1
  •  Kooyers, N, L Gage, A Al-Lozi, K Olsen. Aridity shapes cyanogenesis cline evolution in white clover (Trifolium repens L.). Molecular Ecology. Mar 2014; 23(5): 1053-

Awards & Achievements:

  • Thomas W. Burns Cosmopolitan International Outstanding Student in Diabetes Mellitus 
  • University of Missouri Outstanding Tutor Award 
  • Samual P.W. Black Prize for Excellence in Neurosurgery
  • American Academy of Neurology Scholarship to Annual Meeting
  • Christy M. Welliver Multiple Sclerosis Neuroscience Scholarship
  • American Parkinson Disease Association Medical Student Summer Fellowship