Duke Advanced Vitreous Surgery Courses

6th Duke fAVS Course: Virtual Edition

This virtual course is free to attend and is intended for vitreoretinal, medical retina, and uveitis fellows.


6th Duke fAVS Program Highlights

  • New devices in the vitreoretinal surgery pipeline
  • New drugs in the medical retina and uveitis pipeline
  • Ocular oncology and retinal degenerations update
  • How to collaborate with industry and get involved in trials
  • Interpreting clinical trial design and outcomes
  • The device development lifecycle
  • Surgical and Medical retina interesting case panel
  • Fellow-presented cases and surgical videos
  • How to achieve academic success in ophthalmology
  • Real-world retina: job search in the COVID-19 era, lawsuits, contract negotiations
  • Academia vs private practice vs private equity jobs vs managed care organization job
  • Life after fellowship

Attendance Award

All North American fellows who attend all three virtual sessions in the entirety will receive a copy of The Duke Manual of Vitreoretinal Surgery at the conclusion of the 2020 fAVS virtual series!


Duke Faculty

Guest Faculty 

6th Duke fAVS Agenda


Industry Support

Diamond Plus
Alcon Vision, LLC
Allergan, Inc.
Gemini Therapeutics
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Adverum Biotechnologies
Apellis Pharmaceuticals
Castle Biosciences
Notal Vision
Endogena Therapeutics
EyePoint Pharmaceuticals
Bausch + Lomb
Clearside Biomedical
Dutch Ophthalmic USA
Genentech, Inc.
Heidelberg Engineering
Ocular Therapeutics
OCULUS Surgical, Inc.
Vortex Surgical

22nd Advanced Vitreoretinal Surgery Course (AVS)


May 20-21, 2022

AVS Program Highlights

  • Discuss traumas, macular holes, retinal vascular diseases and management of complicated surgeries, case presentations and panel discussion.
  • Various approaches to treatment of retinal detachments
  • Discuss various and complex aspects including gas concentration, external drainage, and management of macula on and off rhegma - togenous retinal detachment

7th Duke fAVS Course


May 20-21, 2022

fAVS Program Highlights

  • Cutting-edge vitreoretinal surgical techniques
  • Therapeutic pharmacologic treatment strategies
  • Advanced ophthalmic imaging
  • Fellow-specific surgical wet labs
  • Fellow-directed case and surgical videos
  • Advice on job searches and contract negotiations