Duke Glaucoma Symposium

September 15, 2018

Duke Eye Center - Albert Eye Research Institute (AERI)
The Annual Glaucoma Symposium is designed to update health care professionals on the latest advances in medical and surgical management of glaucoma. Novel diagnostic and treatment modalities will be presented by the Duke Eye Center Glaucoma Faculty along with a distinguished guest speaker.

2018 Glaucoma Symposium information will be available at at later date. Below you can view the agenda from the 2017 meeting.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:
• Review and discuss novel medical and surgical approaches to glaucoma management
• Identify new clinical advances and discoveries in glaucoma care
• Review and discuss current diagnostic methodologies

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7am                 Breakfast

7:50am            Welcome and Introduction, Jullia Rosdahl MD PhD

8am                 New in Neuroprotection, Henry Tseng MD PhD

8:15am            Keynote Talk: Teleglaucoma: The patient will email you now, Louis Pasquale MD

9am                 Case Presentation, Preethi Ganapathy MD PhD with Jill Koury MD

9:20am            Pearls and Pitfalls of Imaging, Sanjay Asrani MD

9:40am            Pearls and Pitfalls of Visual Field Testing, Felipe Medeiros MD

10am               Break

10:30am          Case Presentation, Susan Wakil MD

10:35am          Out of Africa: The Story of Human Migration, Genes and Glaucoma, Rand Allingham MD

11am               Perfecting the Dismount, Kelly Muir MD

11:15am          New & Future Glaucoma Medications, Stuart McKinnon MD PhD

11:30am          Glaucoma Drug Delivery, Molly Walsh MD

11:45am          Case Presentation, Courtney Ondeck MD with Carol Ziel MD

Noon               Lunch

1pm                 Keynote Talk: Molecular and Surgical Attempts to Bypass the Trabecular Meshwork, Douglas Rhee MD

1:45pm            Case Presentation, Andrew Perin MD

2pm                 History of Glaucoma Surgery, Leon Herndon MD

2:15pm            Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) Update, Pratap Challa MD

2:30pm            MIGS Panel Discussion with Moderator, Divakar Gupta MD PhD

3pm                 Closing Remarks and Adjourn


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