Meet the Students

Current Students​


OpTech Trainees 2017-2018

This year's trainees include: Henry Cameron, Teesha Corcoran, Aisha Headen, Haley Henderson, Krisi Nagelhout, and Jessica Paschall

P​earls From Former Students

“There is a difference between learning something, seeing something, and actually doing something. But, think of what you can accomplish when you are given the opportunity to do all three at once.”

“You will be surprised at the amount of information you absorb through lectures and clinic – the education is phenomenal.”

“Smaller class setting allows for individual time with instructors and better learning opportunities.”

“Knowledge, experience, and exposure are some of the many things you will gain with this 51-week program.”

-Elizabeth Hines, Class of 2014

“Invest in your classmates. They will encourage, motivate and inspire you, as you will them."

“This is an incredible opportunity. Embrace it and have fun!”

"Everything will come with enough practice and exposure.”

-Andrew Baxley, Class of 2015

"Take the bad days with the good, because there are a lot of good days in the OpTech program.  You’ll find that the hours you spend honing this trade end up being some of the most precious moments because nothing feels better as an employee than being not just a warm body, but a wanted and needed asset to the practice.  The knowledge you gain here will make you an asset.  Hold your head high, work hard, and be proud of yourself! Best of luck!"

-Nikki Lafaille, Class of 2014

“Rely on each other! I couldn't have gotten through the year without my classmates. No one knows what you're going through better than your classmates and sometimes they are able to explain things in a way that is a little easier to understand. ”

-Lyndsay Lawter, Class of 2015

“Take every opportunity you get to see something new and ask questions.”

-Jean Huffman, Class of 2015