Ophthalmic Technician Financial Information

Current tuition for the Ophthalmic Technician Training Program is $9,000. The student is also responsible for the cost of housing, board, books, student health fee, and medical insurance. On-campus housing is not available for Allied Health students. Off-campus housing information is available from the Duke Community Housing Office.

The University does not provide transportation to our satellite clinics.  Students need personal transportation to travel to our satellite clinics to complete their rotations. Parking will be assigned.
Financial aid through state and federal programs is available to qualified students. Requests for information on student loans and grants can be made at the time of application or by contacting the Office of Financial Aid.
The Ophthalmic Technician Training Program is under the sponsorship of Duke Eye Center and Duke School of Medicine Allied Health Programs. The program is nationally accredited by International Council of Accreditation for Allied Ophthalmic Education Programs (ICA-AOEP).

To learn more about the program admissions, see the Duke University School of Medicine Bulletin.