Residency Core Facilities

Three buildings, directly adjacent to the main Duke Hospital, now house  Duke Ophthalmology, The Hudson Building at Duke Eye Center, Albert Eye Research Institute (AERI) and Wadsworth Building.  The Hudson Building at Duke Eye Center opened in June 2015, and is a four-story, 116,000 square foot state-of-the-art clinical facility.  The features of the Hudson Building include:

  • Integration of clinical eye services including: Glaucoma, Retina, Cornea, Refractive Vision Correction, and Surgical Comprehensive Ophthalmology in one location
  • Vision Rehabilitation Center with occupational therapy
  • Enhanced cataract surgical technology
  • New and innovative diagnostic equipment for treatment of glaucoma
  • Streamlined process to treat macular degeneration with retinal injections
  • Integrated laser refractive suite for LASIK procedures
  • Innovative diagnostic imaging center
  • 53 exam rooms
  • 25 procedure and diagnostic testing rooms
  • Minor procedure room

The Albert Eye Research Institute (AERI), opened in April 2005, a five-story 72,000 square-foot state-of-the-art building, has two full floors dedicated to cutting-edge research laboratory space.  The other three floors house the expanded Pediatric and Adult Strabismus Service, faculty offices, an auditorium, and a resident resource center.

The Joseph A.C. Wadsworth Building, originally built in 1973 and expanded to 93,000-square-feet in 1990, contains Duke Eye Center's comprehensive, neuro-ophthalmology and contact lens clinical services.  On the third floor, six fully equipped and modern operating rooms form the core of the surgery complex.

Duke ophthalmology maintains close affiliations with two regional Veterans Administration (VA) Hospitals.  Rotations at these institutions afford residents the opportunity to care for patients with graduated levels of autonomy.  The VA Hospitals have active surgical programs.

The Durham VA Medical Center is across the street from the ophthalmology complex. The VA eye clinic is a superbly equipped and staffed clinical facility, including over 15 examination lanes, two laser rooms, a minor procedures room, a photography room, a visual field room, and a resident workroom.  The Ophthalmology Service operating room and OR staff work full shifts four days per week.  The operating room equipment includes instrumentation for anterior segment surgery, advanced vitrectomy, and endolaser.

The Asheville VA is located in Asheville, North Carolina, one of the most scenic areas in the Southeastern United States.  Second and third-year residents rotating through Asheville reside in comfortable apartments near the medical center. The rotation is jointly organized by the chief of ophthalmology at the Asheville VA and by Duke ophthalmology. Resident responsibilities include general clinics, subspecialty clinics, and performing surgery 1-2 days per week.