Residency Training Research

Duke Ophthalmology is internationally recognized as a research institution of the highest caliber. Faculty members actively pursue a wide variety of research interests in the search to cure eye diseases.  

Research laboratories are located in the cutting-edge AERI research building.  State-of-the-art facilities include space for histology, electron-microscopy, digital imaging, biochemistry, and animal research.

Duke Ophthalmology is fortunate to have a full-time statistician, Sandra Stinnett, DrPH. Her enthusiasm and willingness to engage in research projects with residents and faculty alike make her an invaluable member of the Ophthalmology team.  

Residents conduct research with one or more faculty mentors, pursuing projects within the faculty members’ area of interest.  However, residents with pre-defined research interests who wish to work more independently are encouraged to do so.  Funding for resident research projects is available through faculty grants and through a departmental fund that has been set aside for small research projects.  The department also provides funding toward resident attendance at scientific meetings during all three years of training.

The minimum research requirement for Duke ophthalmology residents is completion of one project each year under the supervision of a faculty preceptor.  The results of the project are presented at the Annual Trainee Scientific Session Day every June.


Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications from our Residents


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