AAO Editors Choice Video: Frag Bag: A Novel Technique for Efficient Removal of Retained Lens Material

Friday, October 20, 2017

Drs. Duncan Berry, Sharon Fekrat and colleagues present a method to remove large chunks of nuclear debris during vitrectomy surgery using a retractable basket made from nitinol, dubbed the Frag Bag (patent pending).

Originally designed for cystoscopic removal of kidney stones, the instrument fits easily through a 23-gauge vitrectomy port. It aids retrieval of retained nuclear debris while stabilizing the lens in the mid-vitreous cavity. This clears the way for the efficient and safe removal of lens material with a vitreous cutter or fragmatome, away from the retinal surface. 

Video By Duncan Berry, MD, Scott D Walter, MD, Xi Chen, MD, Sharon Fekrat MD

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