Dr. Terry Kim and Jon Scheyer's Basketball Journey

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Duke Men's Basketball next and 20th Head Coach Jon Scheyer discusses his journey that led him to this new role. 

Part of this journey included a serious eye injury while playing for the Miami Heat summer league in 2010, soon after he led Duke’s team to its 4th NCAA championship that year. Scheyer suffered a retinal tear and traumatic optic nerve avulsion, both vision-threatening injuries. His plans quickly changed as he was told he may not be able to play basketball again due to permanent vision loss in his right eye. Scheyer discusses his experience during that time and expresses his gratitude towards Terry Kim, MD, Duke Cornea Division Chief and Duke Men's Basketball team eye doctor who flew to Chicago the very next day to ensure that he would receive the best care possible. "If that is not an example of Duke being a life-time decision, then I don't know what is,"  said Scheyer. While his plans changed, he was able to get into coaching at a young age and gain the experience that led him to his new role as the 20th Head Coach for Duke Men's Basketball.