Introducing The Duke Manuals of Ophthalmic Surgery


The Duke Manuals of Ophthalmic Surgery is a series of five step-by-step, highly illustrated educational books to guide the common and challenging surgical procedures. The series offers a full spectrum of ophthalmology subspecialties, covering cornea and cataract, glaucoma, oculofacial, pediatric, and vitreoretinal surgery. 
World-renowned retina surgeon Sharon Fekrat, MD, FACS, professor of ophthalmology and associate professor of surgery, was inspired to create the educational resources and spearheaded the project after working on two previous books, one about eye disease for the lay public and another on curbside retina questions for the eye doctor.    


Fekrat solicited Duke ophthalmology faculty and former trainees to share their expert approach and summary of cases as a guide for next steps in the operating room. “After working on the vitreoretinal surgery manual, I was excited to also share the expertise of the many other Duke faculty and previous trainees in the various ophthalmic subspecialties through The Duke Manuals of Ophthalmic Surgery series,” said Fekrat.  

Countless hours of work and collaboration by outstanding individuals in the field of ophthalmology have resulted in an unparalleled resource available to ophthalmology surgeons, residents, and fellows who want to maximize their surgical goals. The Duke Manuals series is also an invaluable resource for the surgical assistant as well as the operating room nurse as they prepare for the surgical case and anticipate the surgical steps. 
“The goal of The Duke Manuals is to contribute to the knowledge base while having a positive impact on fellow surgeons and trainees as well as the entire clinical team which ultimately translates into improved patient outcomes,” said Fekrat. “It is the hope of all authors and editors involved that this project will serve as an excellent tool for the wide variety of cases and scenarios that may be encountered,” she said. 

Series Manuals

The Duke Manual of Vireoretinal Surgery  

Editors: Sharon Fekrat, MD, FACS, Avni Patel Finn, MD, MBA, Akshay S. Thomas, MD, MS 
Illustrations provided by Xi Chen, MD, PhD 
The Duke Manual of Oculoplastic Surgery  
Editors - Michael Richard, MD, Jason Liss, MD, Nicholas Ramey, MD 
The Duke Manual of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Surgery 
Editors - Laura B Enyedi, MD, Nandini Ghandi, MD, Tammy Yanovitch, MD, MHSc 
The Duke Manual of Glaucoma Surgery  
Editors - Divakar Gupta, MD, Leon Herndon, MD, Kelly Muir, MD 
The Duke Manual of Cornea and Cataract Surgery 
Editors - Preeya Gupta, MD and Nandini Venkateswaran, MD 
To purchase the books, please visit Amazon or the Wolters Kluwer website.