Lab Personnel

Guorong Li, MD, MS 

Research Scientist

  • Study the mechanism of steroid induced glaucoma in primary cultured trabecular meshwork cells and effects of glaucoma drug on the cells.
  • Study the dynamic structural changes of outflow tissues in response to glaucoma drugs and intraocular pressure steps in living mouse eyes by OCT.
  • Outflow facility measurement in enucleated human eyes and living mouse eyes

W. Michael Dismuke, PhD

Post Doctoral Associate

  • Cell biologist and biochemist, studying the effects of extracellular vesicles on extracellular matrix homeostasis in the trabecular meshwork.

Nicole Ashpole, M.S. 

Graduate Student (PhD Candidate in BME)

  • I am studying the effect of shear stress on the conventional outflow pathway's cells and tissues and how that shear stress impacts the production of Nitric Oxide.

Kristin Perkumas, BS  

Lab Manager

Iris Navarro, BS 

Research Analyst