Distinguished Lectures


Duke Eye Center hosts a number of distinguished lectures throughout the year. 

Upcoming Lectures

Joseph M. Bryan Lecture
August 19, 2021
Gregory S. Hageman, PhD, FARVO
Toward the Development of Gene-directed Therapies for Early Stage Age-related Macular Degeneration

Sharon Eccles Steele Center for Translational Medicine
Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
John A. Moran Eye Center
University of Utah

Inaugural Mittra Family Foundation Lecture
September 23, 2021
Daniel F. Martin, MD
Chairman, Cole Eye Institute
Cleveland Clinic  



Joseph M. Bryan Lecture

October 7, 2021
Rando Allikmets, PhD
Stargardt Disease (ABCA4) Locus as a Model for Complex Genetics in Mendelian Traits

Acquavella Professor, Department of Ophthalmology
Research Director, Harkness Eye Institute Columbia University

Gordon K. Klintworth, MD, PhD Distinguished Lecture

October 28, 2021
Robert F. Mullins, MS, PhD
Martin Carver Chair in Ocular Cell Biology
Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Carver College of Medicine
University of Iowa



Science Professor Lecture

November 18, 2021
Adriana Di Polo, PhD, ARVO
New Insights into Retinal Ganglion Cell Dysfunction and Damage in Glaucoma

Professor in Neuroscience and Ophthalmology
University of Montreal



2020 Dastgheib Pioneer Lecture

José-Alain Sahel, MD
Distinguished Professor and Chairman of Ophthalmology
Eye & Ear Foundation Endowed Chair
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine



Previous 2020 Distinguished Lectures

Guest Lecture

January 7, 2020
Daniel Ting, MD, PhD
Will AI Replace Ophthalmologists?
Assistant Professor in Ophthalmology
Singapore National Eye Center



Previous 2019 Distinguished Lectures 

Visiting Science Professor

February 21, 2019
Artur V. Cideciyan, PhD
Research Professor of Ophthalmology
Scheie Eye Institute
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA


Distinguished Gordon K. Klintworth, MD, PhD Lecture

March 28, 2019
Jim Handa, MD
Professor of Ophthalmology
John Hopkins, Wilmer Eye Institute
Baltimore, MD



Visiting Science Professor
May 10, 2019
Robert Nickells, PhD
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Science of Disease Lecture- Artificial Intelligence and Ophthalmology
September 24, 2019
Ricardo Henao, PhD
Assistant Professor in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics


Sina Farsiu, PhD
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Anthony Kuo, MD
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering, Duke Eye Center
Grace Prakalapakorn, MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Duke Eye Center

Joseph M. Bryan Lecture

September 26, 2019
Mark F. Bear, PhD
Synaptic Plasticity and Amblyopia
Picower Professor of Neuroscience
The Picower Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA

Distinguished Visiting Professor
October 16, 2019

Taking Out the Waste – AMD is a Disease of Accumulated Debris 
Time to Spring Clean.

Deputy Director, Centre for Eye Research Australia
Deputy Head Ophthalmology, Department of Surgery
University of Melbourne

The Stephen and Frances Foster Distinguished Lecture
October 22, 2019
Victor Perez, MD
A New Paradigm to Define Inflammatory Diseases of the Eye at The Foster Center for Ocular Immunology

Professor of Ophthalmology
Director of Ocular Immunology Center
Duke Eye Center
Durham, NC

Distinguished Joseph M. Bryan Research Lecture

November 7, 2019
Robin Ali, PhD
ES-derived Cone Transplantation for the Treatment of Macular Degeneration

Visiting Professor, Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Professor of Human Molecular Genetics
UCLS Institute of Ophthalmology & ICL Kellogg Eye Center
Ann Arbor, MI

Visiting Science Professor
November 21, 2019
James B. Hurley, PhD
A Portrait of the Retina as a Metabolic Ecosystem

Professor of Biochemistry
University of Washington
Seattle, WA