Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Leaders in Comprehensive Ophthalmology Research, Education and Clinical Care

The Duke Ophthalmology Comprehensive Division is a leader in comprehensive eye care, playing an active role in research, education, and clinical care.  Our diverse and dedicated comprehensive and surgical-comprehensive ophthalmology providers are committed to preserving and restoring sight, training the next generation of comprehensive specialists, and providing world-class clinical care.   

The comprehensive division is responsible for organizing internal and external medical student externships for the department.  The curriculum includes didactic instruction with case based learning as well as exposing them to the wide breath and scope of our subspecialists through clinical rotations among the specialty clinics.  Our group is also responsible for introducing our ophthalmology residents to contact lens care, the operating room environment, and the essentials of preoperative cataract evaluations, cataract surgical techniques, and postoperative care.

The comprehensive division continues to support clinical and basic science research for the department and the medical center by providing examinations for clinical studies, enrolling patients in ocular trials related to glaucoma, macular disorders, and providing controls for prospective studies.

The surgical comprehensive group has been involved in providing surgical samples for basic scientists to explore the genetics of pseudoexfoliation, and advance the understanding of glaucoma.

In addition, the surgical comprehensive group has been involved in the evaluation of intraoperative surgical OCT guidance systems, conducted trials on preoperative indicators of surgically induced astigmatism, and has begun an industry sponsored trial on evaluating the differences of landmark keratometry versus traditional keratometry devices for orientation and alignment in surgical planning.