Statement on Racism and Discrimination 

Duke Eye Center is comprised of a diverse community of physicians, scientists, trainees and staff members devoted to providing high quality care, innovative research, and first-class education.  We welcome and fully engage people of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives, and strive to provide a safe and secure space for all. We strictly prohibit discrimination and do not tolerate harassment based on age, education, skin color, disability, gender, gender expression and identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status.  

We are honored to serve Durham, the broader community of North Carolina, and beyond.

Messages from our Chair, Edward G. Buckley, MD

April 22, 2021

The continued episodes of xenophobia and aggressions against Asian and Asian Americans, most recently in the Bay Area, is unacceptable. I realize that this hatred and bigotry has been amplified and ongoing since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, and I acknowledge the negative impact these unprovoked attacks may have on you, your loved ones, and our Eye Center community.

I want to be very clear….

I stand firmly against these cowardly acts and remain committed to identifying, discussing, and challenging issues of race, color, and ethnicity, and the impact they have on the wellbeing of our patients, trainees, staff, and faculty. I remain undeterred in our goal of creating a safe and inclusive work environment.

Racism in any form cannot, and will not, be tolerated on my watch.

June 9, 2020

The past few months have been an unusual and heartbreaking time in our lives. Dealing with the stress of a global pandemic has been, and continues to be, difficult and has caused stress beyond what we thought to be imaginable.

As we navigate the pandemic, the acts of racism, hatred and cruelty that have occurred recently against Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis, Mr. Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia and Ms. Breonna Taylor in Louisville have added to the burden we face. This behavior is unacceptable, and it is time that we come together in unity to respect inclusion and justice for all people.

To reiterate messages from Duke senior leadership over the past few days, Duke and the Duke University School of Medicine condemn acts of violence and hatred and affirms that every person has the right to feel safe, accepted, heard and valued at our institution and in our community.

Bringing people together from a broad spectrum of perspectives enhances our ability to solve complex challenges. We know this because we see it every day at Duke as our faculty, students and staff work together to make a positive difference.

We reject the unacceptable acts that reflect deep injustices and disparities and we pledge to bring the power of our research, education and health care missions to expose and correct the underlying forces at the root of these injustices.

May we be mindful, respectful and inclusive of each other. Thank you for your commitment to the Duke Eye Center and Duke Health during this extraordinary time.



Edward G. Buckley, MD
Vice Dean for Education, School of Medicine
Chair, Department of Ophthalmology
Vice Chancellor for Duke-National University Singapore Affairs
James P. and Joy Gills Professor of Ophthalmology
Professor of Pediatrics
Duke University Medical School

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Duke Ophthalmology

In the Department of Ophthalmology and Duke Eye Center, we emphasize strategies to promote a united commitment to providing excellent care, the pursuit of knowledge, and dissemination of information to the next generation of clinicians, scientists, and staff. Our ultimate goal is to attract, cultivate, and retain the best and brightest from all walks of life and backgrounds. We believe that the emergence of new ideas from different perspectives catalyzes innovation and success. In support of our mission, we view diversity, defined as encompassing all aspects of human differences, as a fundamental pillar to fostering an inclusive working and learning environment, where all individuals feel respected, are treated fairly, provided work-life balance, and an opportunity to excel in their respective fields.