Duke Ophthalmic Imagers Receive Top Honors in Haag-Streit Imaging Competition

Duke Ophthalmic Imagers, Kathleen Warren and Christiaan Lopez-Miro receive top 10 honors in the Haag-Streit 2022 Slit Lamp Imaging Competition, and were selected among 168 images submitted by participants from 20 countries.

Kathleen received third place for her image displaying a case of epithelial ingrowth, taken with a Haag-Streit BX 900 slit lamp. The image features large magnification, not only rich in detail and fully in focus, but was selected for its artistic qualities. 

Christiaan had two beautiful, detailed images that placed in the top 10.

Christiaan Lopez-Miro Haag-Streit top 10 image 1    Christiaan Lopez-Miro Haag-Streit top 10 image 2

Haag-Streit is the leading global manufacturer of slit lamp imaging solutions. The annual competition gives eyecare professionals across the globe an opportunity to showcase their slit lamp imaging skills. Judging criteria includes image quality, technical execution, and disease interest.