Kuo Laboratory

Anthony Kuo, MD, Principal Investigator

Duke University Eye Center
2351 Erwin Road
Office: Hudson Bldg 4540
Lab: Wadsworth Bldg 136
Durham, NC 27710

Laboratory website


  • Vanderbilt University, M.D. 2002
  • University of Pittsburgh, Internal Medicine
  • University of Pittsburgh, Ophthalmology
  • University of Pittsburgh, Ophthalmology
  • Duke University, Clinical Associate Cornea Fellowship, Ophthalmology

The Kuo laboratory is focused on developing the technologies necessary create digital images of the eye for clinical use.

Our current projects include developing a “Whole Eye” scanner based on optical coherence tomography (OCT) and developing software to ensure the spatial accuracy of the scans. These scans will be used clinically to improve measurements of the eye in preparation for surgery and also to study how the back of the eye changes with myopia (near-sightedness).

In collaboration with Drs. Cynthia Toth (Duke Eye Center) and Joseph Izatt (Duke Biomedical Engineering), we also have projects on using OCT intraoperatively for surgery and on enabling telemedicine capabilities for OCT.



Biophotonics Group, Duke Biomedical Engineering

Biophotonics at the Fitzpatrick Institute of Photonics, Duke University

The Digital Eye Laboratory at the Duke Eye Center works to develop the technologies necessary to create digital images of the eye for use in the clinical setting.