Research Year for Year 3 Medical Students

The Duke Third Year Ophthalmology and Visual Science (OVS) Study Program is a 10- to 12-month program designed to provide the Duke third-year medical student with in-depth exposure to the sciences (basic and clinical) encompassed within ophthalmology. The development of the next generation of clinician-scientists is a high priority of the educational mission of the Department of Ophthalmology and is embodied in the OVS program. To achieve this goal, the faculty offers a wide scope of research opportunities to third year students. These range from intense, hands-on experience in molecular and cell biology, to animal surgery, to clinical prospective and retrospective studies.

The student, in addition to being closely mentored by an individual faculty member, has the opportunity to participate in the vast array of departmental research and clinical seminars, lectures and tutorials as well as participation in a national scientific meeting. Each student is expected to submit a thesis, manuscript, or grant proposal at the end of their third year. Many third year students work with their mentors to submit papers for publication in peer-reviewed journals. These activities offer an intensive learning environment and provide a solid foundation from which to launch a successful career bridging basic and clinical sciences with the practice of medicine.

Director:  Catherine Bowes Rickman, PhD

For information about the program email Catherine Bowes Rickman, PhD

Mentorship for Clinical Continuity Experience